LYCON 防止內崁毛噴霧 Ingrown-X-IT Solution
能讓熱蠟除毛後毛髮不會向內生長,避免皮膚的不舒適感, 也能減輕熱蠟除毛護理後的腫脹感及毛囊炎。 

Ingrown-X-it is designed to gently and effectively target ingrown hairs and razor bumps. It exfoliates the skin, allowing the hair to grow through, instead of becoming blocked and creating an ingrown hair.

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More Details
More details
• ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Clinically proven, silicone is a particularly effective ingredient in scar treatment, and being recommended by plastic surgeons, burn centers, and dermatologists. With HANASCAR Silicone Removal Scar Sheets, it's estimated to remove existing scars in 3-6 months and new scars in 8 weeks.
• FOR ALL TYPES OF SCARS: HANASCAR has been proven to improve the color, size, texture, and overall appearance of many types of scars including c-section, acne, cosmetic procedures, traumas as well as burn and injuries.
• WORK ON NEW AND OLD SCARS: HANASCAR Silicone Removal Scar Sheets work on both the newly formed scars and visible older scars, ideas for all types of skin. With powerful scar treatment formula, HANASCAR Silicone Removal Scar Sheets soften and flatten scars on your skin.
• CONVENIENT SILICONE FILM: HANASCAR Silicone Removal Scar Sheets provide the soft, flexible and breathable silicone scar sheets, that can be applied to joints, with great breathability.
• SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Created with natural ingredients, HANASCAR Silicone Removal Scar Sheets do not cause irritation on the skin, can be used for sensitive skin and even children.