飄眉/霧眉 Semi-Permanent Eyebrow
擁有適合⾃⼰的眉型,讓五官更加分! 以⼿⼯技術⼀條條飄出秀麗的眉型, 能做出粗、細、長、短不⼀的線條,呈現出根根分明的⽑流感。 霧眉是⼀片片上⾊像霧般朦朧的效果,就像化妝刷上眉粉效果⼀樣⾃然。
The stroking eyebrows line are much thinner than the lines of the eyebrows, and can make thick, thin, long and short lines. It can drop needles according to the natural growth direction of human original eyebrows.The fog eyebrows are a kind of mist-like effect. When the eyebrows are dislocated, the effect is just as natural as the effect of the eyebrow powder on the makeup brush.

美瞳線 Semi-Permanent Upper Eyeliner
Using the tattoo technique, the pigment is applied to the eyeliner in the root of the eyelashes. Since the pigment is made of natural raw materials, it will be diluted by the natural metabolism of the human body, and it can be maintained for 2 to 3 years depending on the individual constitution.

點狀式下眼線 Semi-Permanent Lower Eyeliner
隱形點狀式下眼線是以點狀穿插在我們的下睫⽑空隙處, 與傳統式眼線像框起來⼀樣的線條感比起來點狀式下眼線⾃然許多。
The general eyeliner is in the shape of a line, but the operation of the lower eyeliner will be more old-fashioned. The invisible point-like lower eyeliner is inserted in the gap of our lower eyelashes in a point shape, which is the same as the traditional eyeliner. It’s natural to have a bit line under the eyeliner.


嘟嘟唇 Semi Permanent Lips
Semi permanent lips improves pale lips, dull black lips. Natural thin through bold and dramatic look. Stronger looks can be achieved by attending 3-4 treatments. As a result lips will look softer and more noticeable. Best of all, lipstick will not smudge or eaten away. After treatment effect varies with every individual. It is perfectly common to experience some slight swelling on the lips and tenderness. In the first 3 days, the initial color will be in a brighter shade than expected – but it will wear off to look like a natural bitten-lip.